Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm a fangirl!

Yes, yes, it's true. I get giggly and child-like when I'm around a published author. And when said published author is a friend of mine, I'm almost embarrassingly childish ... er ... child-like! :)

Last night was Jeanne Stein's signing at the local Tattered Cover for the (re)release of her book The Becoming, now with Ace. It was a grand & fun event, with a crowd of more than 50 and so much chatter and excitement that high school study groups came over to see what the fuss was about (I have pictures of them looking inside the book). I got the opportunity to meet members of the RMFW who I missed meeting at the Christmas gathering last weekend (due to brain damage on my part), and watch first hand the joy in my friend's eyes as she signed each book and greeted each fan & friend. It was a tremendous success and a true testimony to Jeanne's perseverence, passion, and personality. Congratulations, Jeanne, on a wonderful event and a bright future for "The Becoming" (now #7 on the Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi Fantasy list!).

I am now officially the newsletter editor for RMFW. One of the great treats of last night was in meeting Jeff Shelby, previous newsletter editor and my new stalking victim. He assured me that this job was a piece of cake. Of course the awe with which others spoke to me in welcoming me into the fold makes me wonder .... just how big IS that piece of cake? Hmm, well 12 pages worth each month for starters, but I know with the help of the many RMFW writers I met last night, and the great accummulation of information and history that Jeff has passed onto me, I'm sure it will be a lovely, fun, and eventful piece of cake ... chocolate, with chocolate frosting ... from Cold Stone. :)

In other news, I have just finished my run of Miss Nelson Has a Field Day at Town Hall Arts Center in Littleton. It was great fun, a great cast, and a great experience. Just great all around! Of course I also saw short stories & novellas in each of my fellow cast members ... hehehe ... we'll see how that develops. I think Kent would make a FABULOUS werewolf in an upcoming book.