Friday, February 02, 2007

New Strategies

Today's wordcount: 7,125
On LAUNCHcast: Gladiator Soundtrack
On my nightstand: "Dead to the World" by Charlaine Harris
On my mp3 player: "Metro Girl" by Janet Evanovich

Part of my new writing strategy is accountability. I've made a decision regarding which book I'll finish first (working title: American Werewolf in Baja) and will keep a posted word count to track my progress. The number one issue I have in writing is rewriting and "perfecting" the first three chapters instead of just telling the darned story first then going back to clean it up. To quote my DH, "Finish something!" *LOL* Well, yeah, why didn't I think of that. I can't start writing queries and pitching my work to editors until I have an entire work to pitch, instead of the FIVE just begun works. So, I literally randomly picked one of the unfinished works and I'm committed to it.

So, I figure that means I will almost immediately be inspired to write something entirely different. *LOL* Isn't that how it works for most writers?