Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yea for Vampire Writers!

My friend Jeanne Stein (author of The Becoming and the soon to be released Blood Drive) and her partner in crime (read: fellow writer), Mario Acevedo, have a blog together. Currently they are running a contest for vampire writers. Now, don't panic, all they want is the first PARAGRAPH of your vampire book! The prizes are varied and some outright silly (devil duck?) and the deadline is June 15.

This is their way of getting some traffic to their blog, so even if you are not a writer, go check them out. Both write urban vampires, I've read all their stuff (it's great), and once you've read The Harlequin, All Together Dead, and Undead & Uneasy (that all come out within weeks of each other, for some damned reason), you're going to need something else to fill in the summer, right? So check them them out.

Here's a link = Biting Edge: CONTEST!

Jeanne Stein ... The Becoming, Blood Drive, The Watcher, and she's been contracted to write two more in the Anna Strong, Vampire Bounty Hunter (she IS a vampire, she doesn't necessarily HUNT vampires *LOL*). Anna is gritty and compelling, and Jeanne is part of the "Joss Whedon is a God" club, so it wouldn't be a leap to say she's been inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, as well as Anita Blake. I really enjoyed The Becoming and I know some of you did, too. Blood Drive, the sequel, comes out June 26, The Watcher is scheduled for November 27th. Jeanne also has a story appearing in Charlaine Harris'a Anthology coming out in September, Many Bloody Returns. ((Jeanne's been busy lately!))

Mario Acevedo ... The Nymphos of Rocky Flats and X-Rated Blood Suckers, both stories of Felix Lopez, vampire investigator (again, he's vampire, he doesn't necessarily investigate them, though, actually, Felix does a lot of that, too).

If you don't want to make an investment in new writers just now (though these two are really terrific), be sure to check them out at your local library. I've really enjoyed both of their works.


Jeanne Stein said...

thank you, Vicki-- you are the greatest!


An Aspiring Writer said...

My pleasure, always! :-)